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Covid-19 Update

Dear Valued Clients,

The safety and health of our community is always a top priority for us. In consideration with the ever-growing global concerns around the COVID-19 (coronavirus), we wanted to share with you that we are, and always have been committed to providing clean and healthy spaces for our clients and team.

During these times we believe the services we offer are essential to our community. Healthcare workers, and first responders especially are in need of quality transportation and auto services to ensure they can get to and from work to serve those truly affected by the Covid-19. Applewood will be there for all our clients in this time to ensure the transport needs of our many clients are not disrupted. Further down this list of actions we are taking you will see we can offer at home test-drive and concierge valet service to our service customers.
Health and Safety Officers – Officers assigned to all dealerships, responsible for reporting and guidance to ensure the best standard of cleanliness and staff health safety practices.

    • In-Store Community Safety Information – Community safety communications plan in all dealerships, including posters and digital screens outlining hand-washing techniques, prevention and best practices.


    • Sanitation Plan – Increased sanitation of all high-traffic area touch points within all dealerships multiple times a day, plus professional daytime cleaning service during peak times and nightly cleaning.


    • Loaners and Test-Drive Vehicle Preparation – All hard and soft surfaces inside service car loaners and test-drive vehicles are vacuumed and wiped down each time a guest or staff associate uses a vehicle.


    • Service Work Preparation – Guest vehicles for service in-store are outfitted with steering wheel covers and seat protectors prior to maintenance or repair work, plus all technicians are required to wear disposable gloves to work on vehicles.


    • Sanitizer Locations – Additional hand sanitizer dispensers and locations in all dealerships for guests and staff associates to sanitize hands throughout the day.


    • Test Drives and Valet Service – Increased out-of-dealership test drives and vehicle maintenance valet pickup services are offered at no charge


    • Travel Restriction – No unnecessary business travel by staff associates. Staff are required to advise personal travel destinations so the company can make necessary arrangements.


    • Hand Etiquette – As outlined by health officials, Dealership staff associates practice frequent hand washing and refrain from hand shaking.


    • We will continue to monitor this situation closely and will provide ongoing updates as needed. We encourage you to stay up-to-date with public health through the PHAC’s website

Monday - Saturday: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday: Closed

Monday - Saturday: 7:30am - 6:00pm
Sunday: Closed

Monday - Saturday: 7:30am - 6:00pm
Sunday: Closed

The best contact method and advice as of today:

Most standard banks are advising clients to fill a form online as phone wait times are exceeding 2 hours.

TD Auto Finance

Contact #1.855.832.8861

Press # 1 for English

Press # 2 for Customer

Identify themselves with their 10 digit "Phone number"

Royal Bank of Canada

Contact 1.800.769.2511

RBC is only assisting clients with payments scheduled within 48hours, otherwise they recommend clients to use online banking to request payment deferrals.


Contact 1.877.203.2716

Press #1 COVID-19 Financial Relief General Info

Press #2 For Payment Deferral

Wait times are exceeding 2 hours

Scotiabank is recommending their clients to call for payment deferral, only if your payment is due within 7 days otherwise visit their website for constant updates.


Contact 1.877-454-9030

CIBC is only assisting clients with payments scheduled within 48hours, otherwise they recommend clients to use online banking to request payment deferrals.

Bank of Montreal

Contact 1.877.788.1923

Advising all Clients to Complete form online, if possible

Nissan Canada Finance

Contact # 1.888.955.5527

Press Option # 2 - No Dealer Code required

Press Option # 5 for Customer Service

Approximate number of callers during the afternoon is between 40-45 callers

It's best to call as early in the day as possible (Wait times are lower in the morning) Call

between 6AM - 9 AM (BC Time)

KMF (Kia Motor Finance)

Contact # 1-866-250-3151

Advising clients to email if possible

Ford Finance

Contact # 1-800-567-2426

General Motors Finance

Contact # 1-800-224-2271

Mitsubishi Finance

Contact # 1-800-387-0122